Time to say goodbye to Apple iPhone 4, iOS 10 release here

Time to say good by to Apple iPhone 4

Time to say good by to Apple iPhone 4

Everyone have crazy about Apple iPhone. Apple iPhone bit expensive so many user purchase a single iPhone for a long time. If you Still have or love your iPhone 4 or 4s having a bad news for users, it’s time to move on.

Apple turns to new iOS called iOS10. It will be moved to all iPhones as an upgrade. It will be the first major operating system upgrade that counts the phone out.

About Apple iPhone 4s

Apple 4s contains many users. It’s the first which is contains digital assistant Siri. Have a  look to SIRI:


The 4S was released with iOS 5 and it has worked well through the current iOS version, 9.3. Come this fall, though, you won’t be able to upgrade it to iOS 10. So, it means that the phone will stop working like older apple phones .

Also having news that company stopped to manufacture parts of Apple 4s . So, Users, if u want to enjoy iOS 10, will have  to purchase iPhone 5 or newer .

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