TRAI to investigate WhatsApp’s privacy policy

As we know WhatsApp lately changed its terms & conditions. We at techmity informed you about the tricky Change of T&C. The new terms and conditions compromise our data in name of betterment for Facebook ads. Now as many countries are having a check for T&C, TRAI has also decided to investigate WhatsApp’s Privacy policy.

A public interest litigation (PIL) registered in an Indian High Court (HC) has challenged the change in WhatsApp’s privacy policy which allows it to share user data with Facebook. The litigants argue that WhatsApp’s policy is deceptive & hard for let people to understand. The HC has asked from a response from Govt. agencies, including the department of telecommunications & TRAI. WhatsApp is now open to advertising & marketing information on its network as well initiating transaction features in it. These will only be possible if WhatsApp receives data about their users. Facebook now gets to know users’ phone numbers & people they frequently text too.

We too think WhatsApp shouldn’t use our personal data for anything, then be it any reason. In earlier’s terms and conditions, Whatsapp had mentioned in terms and conditions that any personal data will not be shared. Hope the sharing of user data with Facebook will be stopped soon.


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