Prisma beta photo editor now available for Android

Prisma beta photo editor for android
Nowadays everyone is taking about the prisma photo editor that has gone viral among iPhone users. It was not actually available for Android but but after lot of hard work the developers have made it available for Android also. Yes, prisma beta photo editor is now available for Android.

I don’t know what users saw in this app but after Pokemon Go game for Android this app has also gone viral like anything. But from many days this app was only available for IOS. Yesterday{19 July 2016}  only this app became available for Android in beta form. You won’t find this application on Google play store. The beta version is actually available for Android on Prisma’s official site.You have an option to sign up on their official website for beta updates.

Actually this prisma is a online{Yes you heard it right its online} photo editor which applies effects to your photo and doesn’t have photoediting options like Picsart or Photoshop, that the reason I am actually surprised why this app has become so famous. OK, I agree that the effects it offers are awesome and that’s the reason this app is becomimg so famous. You can also download it from the download link below.

Download Prisma photo editor from here

Sign up for beta updates Here


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