What is Intel Core i3, Core i5, or Core i7 ?

Intel Core i3, Core i5, or Core i7 Naming Scheme


I love intel as much as anyone, they make cool products. But man! when it comes to confusing product naming schemes.

I mean Core i3, Core i5, Core i7 takes the kick. Requestion what is Intel Core i7 4770 k? What the heck all these mean?

First a little bit of background.

Why we need product name for processors, wouldn’t it be simpler to just label them with how many Giga Hz? They run at and name them by it. Starting in early 2000 with their ‘P.R’ (Performance Rating) naming scheme. Where their processors were given a four digit model number.

That enthusiast belief based on performance AMD that they deliver compared to the other CPU of that level. But this fixed nothing, they were still indirectly naming it according to clock speed.

Intel introduces the Core series, a line of CPU’s that dramatically outperform their predecessor and  much lower clock that the Mega Hz. were ended because intel needed to shift their market away from frequency.

Intel Core

So here’s what we have today Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7.

Intel Core i3

Core i3 will be your basic option with two processing cores, Hyperthreading for better multitasking, smaller cache, use less power and cost less.

Intel Core i4

Core i5 comes with 4 cores (Mobile i5 cores comes with 2 cores with hyperthreading whereas desktop i5 comes with 4 cores), improved onboard graphics and turbo boost.

Intel Core i7

Core i7 can come with 2 to 8 cores all with hyperthreading for a heavy workload, 2 to 8 sticks of memory, 10W to 130W TDP, more cache, faster turbo boost, better onboard graphics, has a higher price tag. Core i7 represents the best thing intel could build. So there is a ton of variety here and that’s for a reason.

So when you foiled it down that’s all the ‘ i ‘ whatever number represents good, better, best within a given segment, beyond that on that own these names are pretty much meaningless. The numbers and letters afterwards sort of mean something if you used the guide from before.

The safest way to shop is to dig around an art and look at the features core counts and clock speed of the CP User  comparing to figure out how they stack up, with the good news is that as long as you compare within one brand or within same product generation that matrix will actually mean something.

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