Google Pixel 2 XL With 4 GB of RAM, 12 MP Camera Launched

Google is all set to unleash the next version of its flagship smartphone, Pixel. The new releases are Google Pixel and Google Pixel 2 XL is up to all the standards of high-end smartphones which include a dual camera, water resistance, and unique display features. Looks and design remain the first parameters to decide the competencies of any new phone.

Google Pixel Newer Version’s Display

With newer version, Pixel 2 XL is witnessing a stretch in the display size from 5.5 inches to 6 inches. Also, it gives a mirage that the display almost covers the corners of the phone. On contrary, Google Pixel 2 version is fixed at sweet 5-inch display version. The core difference is the back of the phone which is subtle yet advanced. Yes, our dearest search engine giant has managed to put up a show with its unlimited picture/video storage feature. The nag of keeping free storage for welcoming new pictures and videos has just vanished in the air. The display gets quite interesting while playing music. Not only it can show the details of the playing song, but also shows the tune of the song playing.


The phone endures a metal body along with the glass on its back. For the utmost convenience, the power and volume buttons are fixed on the sides of the phone. The base has USB-C port and the headphones jack is invisible as nothing. Yes, the phone has no headphone jack which means, the phone is only compatible with Bluetooth headphones. Apart from this, an adapter is needed to bring a traditional pair into use. The device is resistant from water dip and can be saved from an accidental drizzle.


Google Pixel 2 is accompanied by Snapdragon 835 chipset which provides for the ample of power options. With a support of 4GB of RAM, the device has guts to endure just any nature of information. The device offers two choices of storage 64 GB and 128 GB storage space.


The phone endures 12 MP of the back camera and provides the convenience of Optical Image Stabilization. Also, the camera accompanies the HDR feature. It is equipped with Portrait mode which is ideal for capturing the smartest shots. Also, the background blur is what keeps the charm of a good capture. Video recording is accompanied with the feature of OIS and EIS to provide a smooth footage.


Google has managed to assist the phone with a whole day battery life. Also, the fast charging option adds seven hours to phonea��s life.

Operating System

Operating systems decides everything about a phonea��s performance. The phone comes with the latest Android 8 i.e, Oreo and can run all the Android mobile applications available in Play Store and brings the benefits of robust Android experience. The phone also provides the aid of Google assistance which is a source of functions running on voice commands.


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