Google Duo – A fresh way video calling app for everyone

Meet Google’s new video calling app ‘DUO’ which will make you want to use video calling.


Google Duo – A new video calling app which was introduced later at I/O in May. Now it is going to be available at both the platforms iOS and Android.

In a way it’s companies answer to Apples face time and it works very similarly. So here’s what you need to know about Duo.


First – There is ‘Knock-Knock’ feature which triggers the camera of the incoming line and will allow you to know who is calling you by just simply tapping on your screen.

If it is you who is calling then it will give you a small notice that your call is visible to the online person whom you are calling.

Second – Now before you worry about seeing anything you don’t wanna see from the other line. Know that you can only receive call only from your contact list. You can also block individual people you don’t want them to call. If ‘Knock-Knock’ is not your thing you can totally disable it.

Third – At this point you might be wondering what it makes different from other google communication platform like Hangouts. Well according to Google Duo is way more specialized where Hangouts is cross-platform and support group chats and alter in videos and messages. Duo does one thing and one thing only (Video calls).

Unlike hangout it reaches people through their phone number not through email. And the best thing which duo support is ‘end-to-end’ Encryption. Because Duo is more stream line it has very minimalisticĀ user interface, Before starting a call you’ll only see icon to start a video call and contact list. During a call you see icons for switch camera, end a call and yourself. Video from the other caller will fill up the screen.

This is all you need to know about Google’s Duo.Google-Duo-1024x512

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